The flower is a three ring segment of single spiral (aka a three ring mobius unit), which is the most basic unit of spiral chain. When the flowers are joined together by connecting pairs, the result is Flower Chain. When the flowers are joined together by byzantine segments, the result is Byzantine Rose.

Flower Chain spirals gently over the length of the chain so when used for earrings, it's nice to spiral the flowers one way for one earring and the other way for the other earring, so that the earrings frame the face symmetrically.

These are the instructions for the Flower Chain and the ring sizes we recommend. Multiply the rpi (rings per inch) figures by the number of inches of chain you want to make, then use the Rings pulldown at the top of the page to order them. Or just get the kitpack.

As with all of our work, we invite you to make and sell as many of everything as you like, but ask that you don't publish our instructions or ring sizes.

Video tutorial below.

 Weave Shape Gauge ID (mm) RPI
Flower Chain, Round 12g RD 12 7.000 3.2
RD 12 10.000 5.1
Flower Chain, Round 14g RD 14 6.000 4.2
RD 14 8.500 6.6
Flower Chain, Round 16g RD 16 5.000 4.6
RD 16 7.000 7.8
Flower Chain, Round 18g RD 18 4.000 6.2
RD 18 5.000 10.2
Flower Chain, Round 20g RD 20 3.000 7.6
RD 20 4.000 12.3
Flower Chain, Round 22g RD 22 2.500 12
RD 22 3.000 18

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