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Bold Graduated Byzantine Necklace Kit

Bold Graduated Byzantine Necklace Kit

About the Design

This lovely, tapering necklace is made with heavy 12g rings in the front, narrowing smoothly to 18g in the back. Many ring sizes are required to effect this smooth taper. Handling the stiff 12g rings that make up the front portion of this necklace is challenging so we recommend this bold version for chainmakers with strong hands who rarely grip the rings hard enough to dent them. Until then, the less taxing delicate version is the better choice.

Please note that the delicate and bold versions of this necklace are constructed differently, so the instructions are not interchangeable. If you've made one, you'll still need instructions for the other, rather than just the ringset.

The ringpack makes a necklace up to 20 inches long. Add 18g byzantine to the ends if you'd like to make the necklace longer.

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Full Kit Includes

Bold Graduated Byzantine Necklace Instructions
Bold Graduated Byzantine Necklace Kitpack
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