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20g Headpins (8 pack) in 3 Metals

20g Headpins (8 pack) in 3 Metals

Sterling Silver, Two inches in length. Well made with large 2.5mm ball tips. Package of 8.

Argentium. One inch in length. Package of 8. These are both shorter and more expensive than the sterling, but they're exceptionally nice and well made with large, 2.5mm round ball tips.

Solid Copper. Two inches in length. Package of 8.

We carry these headpins for the kit described below, though of course, you're welcome to buy them on their own.

The Florentine Ornament Drape makes the difference between a plain glass Christmas ball and a family heirloom. The delicate looking -- but actually quite sturdy -- crystal and precious metal net is easily moved to a different base ornament or removed for tumble polishing or storage. On the tree, the crystals and precious metals catch the light and throw it around like shiny, shiny Christmas magic. The year I made heirloom ornaments like these for the families I'm close to was the most popular I've ever been at Christmas... even with those who aren't always easy to please. ;)

The ringpack makes a drape for one ornament. The full kit consists of:

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