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Box Chain

Box Chain

About the Weave

Box Chain is Byzantine with a step left out. While Byzantine's pattern is 2-2-2-Fold, Box Chain is 2-2-Fold. That little tweak completely changes the way the rings fit together, though, so Box Chain requires rings of a higher aspect ratio than Byzantine.

We teach Box Chain as a variation of Byzantine, so you must already know Byzantine for our instructions to make sense.

About Our Rings

Recommended Ring Sizes

 Weave Shape Gauge ID (mm) RPI
Box Chain, Round 14g RD 14 6.500 22
Box Chain, Round 16g RD 16 5.250 26
Box Chain, Round 18g RD 18 4.250 29.6
Box Chain, Round 20g RD 20 3.500 32
Box Chain, Round 22g RD 22 2.750 40.8

As with all of our work, we invite you to make and sell as many of everything as you like, but ask that you don't publish our instructions or ring sizes.

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