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Beginning Weaves

Beginning Weaves

About the Kits

If you're interested in learning to weave chainmaille in a way that builds a solid foundation of mailling skills, you've come to the right place.

Have a look at the recommended reading, especially the Apprentice Guide, for an overview of the skills you'll develop. Keep in mind, as you choose your first kitpacks, that 16g and 18g are the easiest gauges to start with for a beginner. As you go larger, or smaller, it gets progressively more difficult.

About Our Rings

Recommended Tools

2 pair smooth jawed jewelers' pliers
(flatnose, chainnose, or both)

~the pliers are necessary; the rest is optional~

RIng Tool
Rocket Tool

Recommended Reading

Introduction to Chainmaille
Apprentice Guide
Flower Chain Instructions
3-in-3 Chain Instructions
Byzantine Chain Instructions
Barrel Weave Instructions

~all free and available in the library~