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Urban Maille

Half Persian 4-in-1 Multistrand/Round

Half Persian 4-in-1 Multistrand/Round

Kitpacks are rings only. Choose your gauge and your metal. Each kitpack makes 10 inches of chain (10 square inches when it's a sheet weave), or 3 medallions.

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About This Weave

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We have a spiral bound booklet for this design. Click Half Persian 4-in-1 Instructions to open them in a new page. Keep in mind that closing shaped rings perfectly is considerably more difficult than closing round rings perfectly.

RIng Sizes

 Weave Shape Gauge ID (mm) RPI
Half Persian 4-in-1, Round and Multistrand 14g RD 14 8.000 5.5
MS 20 7.000 5.5
Half Persian 4-in-1, Round and Multistrand 16g RD 16 6.000 7.5
MS 22 5.750 7.5
Half Persian 4-in-1, Round and Multistrand 18g RD 18 5.000 9.5
MS 24 4.750 9.5

As with all of our work, we invite you to make and sell as many of everything as you like, but ask that you don't publish our instructions or ring sizes.


There's nothing in this section on any of the pages at the moment because it's taking a bit of time to assemble the photos, but it's going to be a gallery of what people have done with the weave or design.