Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021

Does the Christmas season fly by faster every year, or is it just me? I always imagine I'll get the next kit made up over the summer and available on the website September 1st, in plenty of time to weave and sell at shows throughout the holiday season. It would be so lovely... but it's never happened, not even once. Maybe next year.

This year, though, the new kit isn't something to be made up and sold at shows. Rather, the new kit is the perfect last minute gift to slip into the stocking of a person you'd like to introduce to the joy of weaving chainmaille. The kit is for a matched pair of perfect rings, the perfect gift of love for... well, read all about it here.

There's also a new set of kitpacks up on the site, for the Vortex Medallions. They are so lovely, especially the smallest size, which isn't even shown in the main photo. But you can see it serving as the star on top of the Vortex Medallion Christmas tree in the very last photo.

Christmas spirit is really brightening these troubling times for us. I hope it's doing the same for you. ~hugs all around~ Merry Christmas, everybody!

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