Ring Knots

Ring Knots

These knots are really nice for slipping over the neck of a wrapped loop to add weight to the transition between the bead and the chain. The knot shown in the photo is the same as Flower Chain flowers, but made of 5 16g/4.5mm half round rings (the same as used for the Half Knot Chain). Make the knot, then slip it over a wire wrapped loop on one end of a bead link then begin weaving the chain from the protruding loop to hold the knot on. If you don't know how to make a wire wrapped loop, you'll find detailed instructions in our Earring Designer RingSet or you can just use a search engine to find directions online.

If you'd prefer to use half round rings in another size, all but the smallest inside diameters should work nicely, just vary the number of rings you use to get a fit you like.

Ring Knots are simply flowers, as in Flower Chain, made with a greater number of rings than the 3 used for flowers. This same pattern, made with as many rings as can be made to fit, is known as a mobius ball. Ring Knots, like these, are known as Love Knots, Celtic Knots, Danish Knots and probably many other knots, as well. There is conflicting information as to which is which and why, which makes the names seem to be interchangeable, but the most accurate name is really Ring Knot, since they are indisputably made of rings, origins notwithstanding.

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