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Graduated Double Spiral 4-in-1 Earrings

Graduated Double Spiral 4-in-1 Earrings

About the Design

Each individual earring requires 2 round rings in each of the sizes.

If you know how to make Double Spiral Chain, these earrings are easy to put together. Simply order the rings according to inside diameter from largest to smallest. Beginning with the largest and using two rings of each size, weave Double Spiral Chain. The smallest ring pair isn't part of the spiral pattern and is used only to connect the last set of spiraled links to the earwire.

The earrings look best if one of the pair is spiraled clockwise and the other is spiraled counterclockwise.

About Our Rings

Full Kit Includes

Graduated Double Spiral Earrings Kitpack
6 Pair of Earwires
~ available individually below ~

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