Vortex Medallion is the name of our version of this beautiful and much loved design by Norwegian mailler, Kenth Kutschera

These are the ring sizes we recommend for the Vortex Medallion. If this is your first Vortex, you should order 1 or 2 extra large rings. Getting the final ring in place is quite tricky and you might mangle that center ring on your first try. For the 12g and 14g Vortex Medallions, we use 2 different ring sizes for the connector rings. Using a smaller center connector ring tightens up the design on these larger scale medallions.

For instructions, see the photo tutorial below.

Multiply the rpu (rings per unit) figures by the number of medallions you want to make, then use the Rings pulldown at the top of the page to order them.

As with all of our work, we invite you to make and sell as many of everything as you like, but ask that you don't publish our instructions or ring sizes.

 Unit Shape Gauge ID (mm) RPU
Vortex Medallion, Round 12g RD 12 12.000 20
RD 14 7.500 10
RD 14 7.000 5
Vortex Medallion, Round 14g RD 14 9.500 20
RD 16 6.000 10
RD 16 5.750 5
Vortex Medallion, Round 16g RD 16 7.500 20
RD 18 4.750 15
Vortex Medallion, Round 18g RD 18 6.000 20
RD 20 3.750 15
Vortex Medallion, Round 20g RD 20 4.750 20
RD 22 2.875 15
Vortex Medallion, Round 22g RD 22 3.750 20
RD 24 2.250 15

The Vortex Medallion Tutorial

Click the first picture, then use the side arrows to navigate through the tutorial. Then watch the video to learn how to place the final ring, which is tricky.

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Thanks, Susan. Everything we do is AWG. In case you need to convert….


— Aislyn


This vortex is beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial. Just one question, is the gauge swg or awg?

Susan Meyer

Thanks for the free pattern!


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