Happy Spring, Everybody!

We're debuting something new today. The Weave Gallery Catalog features our kitpacks, instructions and photos together on a functional book page. I love it!

We're starting with Parallel Chain, round and square, and I'll be adding a new set of weave pages each week.

Let me know what you think, ok?

-- Aislyn

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You’re welcome, Gillian. I really enjoy working on it.

Vivian, when you’re looking at the Weave Gallery Catalog, if you click the little UM up in the top right corner area, it’ll take you to our website where you can shop. :)


The Weave Gallery is really neat. I particularly appreciate that it’s a one stop shop for seeing how each weave looks (potentially in various shapes of wire), getting the instructions, and selecting ring size/metal to buy the kitpacks. I’m sure this was a lot of work. Thanks for pulling it together and continuing to expand it!


I love it!!! =)
Do you have a retail part where customer can shop on site?

Vivian Wong

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