Spring/Summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022

You might have noticed some glitches on the website the past few days. We're doing a very big upgrade on the site and it's going to be glitchy for a few more days while we finish, but then it's going to be great. Some things are already pretty great -- try the new search when you get a chance -- but some other things aren't quite there yet, such as our quantity discounts. If you don't get yours, let us know at contactus@urbanmaille.com and we'll refund it to you manually.

It's been so long since my last News post! Let's see... Duncan has grown into a little man, but Frasier can still outrun him because of the longer legs. They're thrilled because this is basically the first week of summer here. We had snow just last week, and a lot of it. But now we've gone straight to full on heat and they couldn't be happier about it.

Over the summer I'm building out a new section of the site for printed chainmaille. It's a whole new thing for us, but as you know, I've been doing 3D graphic chainmaille for many, many years, so it's really a natural fit. I have a bunch of organic cotton tshirts with little chainmaille wireframe prints on the front available now. I love them! Click In Print at the top of the page to see them.

I'm working on a collection of all-over print chainmaille leggings, tunics, gloves, shoes, everything needed for the foundation of a great knight costume. The clothing can be worn on its own in normal life, leggings or any other individual piece of clothing, or the pieces can be mixed and matched to make a gorgeous (and comfortable!) chainmaille underlayer for your greatest Halloween costume ever. Start planning it now and I'll have a range of beautifully printed chainmaille clothing all ready for you by the beginning of fall.

Have a great summer!

-- Aislyn

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