Our New Business Model

Our New Business Model

There's been some concern about how things will be when we come back from the holidays and re-open under our new business model. Judging by some of the notes and our current order volume, it looks like people are thinking they won't be able to order from us anymore, once our business model is switched over. That isn't really true. I mean, technically, yes, but in practice, not so much. For almost everyone, maybe 95% of our current customers, it just means you'll have to login before you can see the website content. You already have to login to place an order, so it's not that much different; you'll just have to login when you arrive on the site, instead of just before placing the order.

There will be some few customers who won't see content when they login. Most are casual or one time customers who haven't ordered lately, but any are welcome to appeal our decision. We believe we can get the workload reduction we need primarily by not taking on new beginner customers. Our current crop of beginners will mature into experienced maillers and there won't be a new crop of beginners after that, so the entire workload associated with teaching beginners falls away.

So that's not so bad, right? Being behind closed doors and not accepting new customers will become, over time, a *great* competitive advantage to our customers. Just something to think about. Hope you're enjoying the beautiful holiday season.

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