Open for the Season

Open for the Season

Hey everybody! Did you notice anything different? You didn't have to login to get here! The virus has reduced demand for rings to such a manageable level that we've been able to unlock the door and let in the whole waiting list. Yay!!!

For us, the Christmas season begins today, September 1st, and we plan to keep the site open like this all the way through the season... longer if we don't get overloaded too badly. We've had so much good rest this summer that we feel ready to spend the next few months in high gear, spinning rings and shipping packages. Sounds fun, yeah? We think so!

So you might remember from my last post that we adopted a very good boy, Frasier, last January. We gave him six months to fall in love with his new life... then we got him a puppy.

This is Duncan. How cute is he?! Duncan is half Malamute and half Border Collie. He has way too much energy, but so does Frasier, so they're having the *best* time together. I can't wait to watch them play in the snow. Duncan was born in May, he's never seen snow; he has no idea what's coming.

Don't worry, there will be pictures. :)

-- Aislyn

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Aislyn, I am sorry to hear Covid has had such a drastic effect on your business, but I am so glad get get to shop with you guys again! Yay! I’m not a big or even regular ring purchaser but I was sad to know you shop was unavailable to me. Now I’ll have to place an order soon. 😉
P.S. Duncan is so adorable I just want to hug him up!


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