Change is Coming

Change is Coming

Things are gettin’ squirrelly out there, as you well know. One of those things is the cost of precious metals, as evidenced by our three price increases so far this year, with more increases likely going forward.

It’s not a great time to be in a business entirely oriented around precious metals, to be quite honest. We’re not having a sad about that, we know very well how fortunate we are to have our own business. But as our order volume inevitably drops off with the rising prices, we’re going to have to make some adjustments to the frequency of our production runs in order to make room for other work in between to keep the bills paid.

Gary and I left the computer industry to start our own business over 20 years ago, but we both still do technical work as a hobby. We’ll shift our focus to paying gigs as needed, so we’ll be ok and UM will be ok, but it will slow order fulfillment. Instead of a production run once a week, as we’ve done for years, it might come to be once every 10 days, or once every two weeks.

This hasn’t happened yet, our schedule has just been slipping by a day here and there because of material delays and we usually make it up by shipping on Saturday, but longer delays are coming and I want you to be prepared.

Please begin increasing the lead time when you place orders that are time sensitive. To be completely safe when it matters, like for classes, it would be best to double the normal lead time.

Stay safe out there, everybody. ~hugs~

-- Aislyn

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