Merry Christmas, Everybody!

Merry Christmas, Everybody!

With just a week until Christmas, we're shipping our last pre-holiday orders today and tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Then we're going to cut our own tree (!) in the afternoon and drink hot chocolate and decorate all evening. I can't wait! I love Christmas and this is our first one with the new pups, Frasier and Duncan. (And we'll finally have a chance to get some pictures of them playing in the snow, yay!)

We're taking off all next week, but then we're coming back to work between Christmas and New Year's, so we're just leaving the website open. It's been such an odd year, we'd rather be busy than take a long holiday like we usually do. We have a lot of new kitpacks to add, many we've never had on the website before, so I'm going to work on that while Gary does the end of year clean / refurbish / inventory, then puts those kitpacks into production.

We're looking forward to a warm and cozy Christmas, enjoying our many blessings. Wishing you the same. *hugs*

 Aislyn and Gary

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