May 2019

May 2019

This morning we cleared up what I hope was the new website's last little bug. Let us know (here in the comments or using the contact us form) if you find anything that isn't working properly or you have any problems, or information is missing somewhere.

We're adding imperial sizes to our metric lineup. You can see the first ones listed here, on 16g Round Argentium. We're adding these as they're needed, so if there are imperial ring sizes you'd like to order, please let us know and we'll add those next.

Happy Spring!

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Sorry, forgot the link to the Parallel page:


Lynne, those are good sizes for Parallel, as are 18g/3.5mm and 18g/6.0mm. I don’t have the size chart on the Parallel page yet, but if you click the photos, all the ring counts and sizes are listed there.

— Aislyn


Good morning Aislyn – hope all goes well.

Pain in the neck from the North here again.

Couldn’t sleep this morning so I went digging through my little ring containers hoping I could figure this out…..

IF I haven’t changed the lids and put something else in the container (not always a good assumption!), it would appear that the rings used in the past for the parallel chain bracelet (kit 06) were 16g 4.5 mm and 16g 7.0 mm. Does that make sense?

Please let me know.

Many thanks, take care and be well…..


P.S. More rain again here last night. I think building an ark would be prudent ;-)

Lynne Holloway

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