Hey, everybody! I hope you're doing well and keeping cozy during these strange and interesting times. The combination of boredom and low key stress gets old quick, but weaving maille is a great help. We're feeling fortunate to have such a productive outlet, especially given how much the prices of our favorite metals have dropped.

Since Gary and I are still working, and our wire suppliers are still working, make the most of the low prices and all this unexpected free time, if you can. Whether you're planning shows for after, or building a new website instead, you're going to need stock and free time + rings to weave = free time well spent.

In local news, Gary and I adopted a new family member in January.

This is Frasier. He's an Anatolian Shepherd mix, a very good boy, and the inspiration for this special discount.

Through Easter, take an additional 20% off your entire order over $150 with the discount code GOODBOY2020 at checkout.

Take care o' you.

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