It's 2019 and We're Invite Only

It's 2019 and We're Invite Only

Hello everybody and welcome back! You're in, your login works and all is well. Please make yourself at home here once again.

The changeover to an invite only site took a bit longer than we planned and some things aren't in place yet, but once past the login, everything is pretty much the same as when you saw it last. We will be doing some streamlining of our product labeling but none of that's even begun yet and we'll inform you here as changes are made.

We're glad you're here and sorry we had to keep you waiting so long. I like the feeling of privacy that comes from being behind closed doors. I hope you will, too.

Stay cozy.

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Thanks so much for the invite. I have bee so very busy and in the loop much. But here I am again and the site is amazing. You guys are the only place to buy rings as they are perfect every single time and always exactly what I want and need. Thank you all for all the great work you do for all of us out here.

Cassandra Swanson

Cassandra Swanson

Thanks so much for the invitation! I look forward to learning new skills and placing an order!


Thanks for the invite. Can’t wait to make my first order.

Jan Mitchell

So happy to be here! The new site is like a cleansing breathe!

Jane Taylor

Thank you so much for the invitation. Your ring manufacturing and selection (and packaging) are the best I’ve found. The outcome of my work is so much better because of your product. Thank you!

Lydia Gadaleta

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