Do You Need Your Order History...

Do You Need Your Order History...

...from our old shopping cart? There is no carrying orders over from cart to cart, so if you need your order history, please login to the old site and print or screen capture your orders now, while that site still works. It will only be functional for a few more days.

There are a lot of things left to fix here on the new site, such as the perfect ring sizes are missing and so is the earring designer ringset. As you find other things missing, will you please leave a comment about it on this message? I need to get all this done while the old cart still works, so... busy week.

I'm so happy to have you all here enjoying the new place. ~group hug~ <3


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I’m working on that right now. :)


Please add the AR back next to the ID if possible. I found that very helpful!

Sharon Parsons

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